Importance Of Saptpadi

Today, I want to discuss very important rituals in Brahmin Vadhuvar wedding ceremony. This saptapadi in Brahmin Vadhuvar means bride and groom gives vows to each other while taking a seven pheras around sacred fire. This ritual happens after lajahom, this ritual indirectly guides to Brahmin Vadhuvar their responsibility and happy for married life.

Pahil Paul:

 The Bride vows to the groom that she takes care of the family and household and will share his responsibility as her own and the groom also vows to bride that he will be responsible for providing the nourishment, welfare and happiness to the wife and the children.

Dusar Paul:

The Bride vows to the groom that she will the responsibility by helping him in every possible way and ready to endure all with courage and strength. The groom vows to bride that he will remain loyal and faithful to his wife and will stand by her throughout the thick and thins of life.

Tisare Paul:

The bride vows to the groom that she will act responsibly in maintaining the resources and devote her love exceptionally to her husband. The groom vows to bride that he will work hard putting all his efforts to bring wealth and prosperity in the house.

Chauthe Paul:

The bride vows to groom that she will stand by his side in all rituals, family and religious commitments and will walk by his side giving her consent for his decisions. The groom vows to bride respect both families. He will respect to her wishes and will include her in all his major decision.

Pachave Paul:

The couple vows to be with each other sharing their happiness and sorrows with great understanding and care.

Sahave Paul:

The couple vows to love and respect each other and stand together in times of joy and grief.

Satve Paul:

The couple vows together that through this ritual of Sacred Seven Vows, they have become husband and wife uniting their soul. They are united with a divine thread of togetherness and they will love each other and be there for each other till eternity.

 Now you will understand meaning of saptapadi and how it is important to live happiness in married life. Try to adopt in your life when you unite as a couple to bring love, peace and harmony in their life. Thank you…!!

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