Pre wedding Rituals of Brahmin Vadhuvar

Hindu Marriage is start from Veda period. ’अनंता वै वेदा:’ means The Vedas are endless. This is ancient tradition. Brahma Dev has construct of Veda in” Purushsukta”. According to Veda, 16 types of values being done on every human being. Marriage is the 15th value in it. Marriage is the Hindu sanskar not a deal. So Marriage is not for social but also trust and emotional moment.

When Fixing marriage first check Lagn kundalini/ patrika of bride and groom if horoscope/patrika match then fix function of girl seeing (Mulagi Pahane). After bride and groom likes each other, then starts actual marriage rituals, first ritual is Sakharpuda.

Earlier, marriage ceremony lasted for 8 days. When this ceremony done in bride’s home that time seemant pujan, mandp devak sthapana, etc. it done by traditional way. But now because of urbanization it limits on place, time and situation so this marriage ceremony done in one day in Marriage Hall. And also this is situation demand. So in this situation also, we can celebrate this marriage ceremony by traditional way, this point of view we discuss all marriage rituals as follow. After girl become marriageable age then start process of searching groom for her.

1.Sakharpuda/Engagement Ceremony:

After all discussion and specially groom, bride likes positive response then finally fix marriage. In earlier this ceremony call ‘Kunku lavane’. Groom Father’s go to Bride Father with elders and relatives. after this Groom father’s request to his daughter for marriage. Bride father discuss with bride and family members then give positive response. After this bride father’s and groom father’s declare Marriage Fixing. This ceremony is called “Vang Nichay”. The parents as well as close relatives gather together and discuss as well as decide the various crucial issues regarding the wedding ceremony. It is when the actual muhurat or auspicious date and time of marriage. In earlier days, fixing marriage muhurat after tulasi Vivah ceremony but nowadays according to available of marriage hall fixing marriage date.


In general, this ceremony done in home before munj and marriage ceremony. this ceremony done for supports of planets to marriage. This is ceremony done in home before one or two days of marriage. A couple of days before the main wedding, a feast known as kelvan is an organized in both the bride’s and groom’s home. Each side hosts a grand meal for the entire family that is being gathered at home. Mostly bride’s wear bangles in hand. It’s call chuda Bharane. After this ceremony bride can’t go outside the home.

3.Mehndi kadhane and Bangadya Bharane:

Actually this ceremony happens in every celebration in Rajasthan rituals. But nowadays this ritual famous in Maharashtra. For improving bride’s beauty drawing mehndi on hand and leg. This ceremony happens before two three days of marriage date. chuda means simple green color bangles. Bride wear bangles i.e.7-7 or 9-9 in hand. This ceremony is called chuda bharane. After bride wear chuda then other women wear bangles.

4.Ghana Bharane:

for this rituals, you have to tie knot of two wooden rod(musal)with yellow cloth which colored by haldi and apply haldi kumkum lines on wooden rod and decorate with mango leaves. Married women and bride and her parents hold it in hand then took wheat in bamboo basket and pound this wheat. This ceremony happens in morning of wedding date.

5.Halad Lavane:

For this ceremony, take grinding of turmeric by wooden rod and pound with grain grinder. This turmeric powder gives to bride home this is tradition. bride mother make mixture of haldi and oil and apply on bride body from leg to head its called ‘halad lavane’. After all, married ladies apply haldi on bride. After remaining turmeric   gives to groom’s home and this same ceremony happen on groom side also. When done this ceremony bride groom not allow to travel or walk to anywhere.

6.Simant Pujan:

Nowdays simant pujan happens day before of marriage date. the groom and the marriage party are welcomed at the outer limits of the village and the bride’s mother washes the groom’s feet in a plate, puts kumkum tilak and akshata (turmeric stained rice) on groom’s head, does aarti and offers madhupak (mixture of honey and curd). Groom’s family members are also offered the madhupak. The groom is then gifted a trousseau like suit, jewelry etc… Meanwhile, the groom’s mother and female relatives go to the bride’s place and give her five sarees, jewelry etc.

Above this all rituals happen before wedding ceremony. Hope you will get information about prewedding rituals. Thank You…!!!

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