Registration Process Of Panchratna Vivah Suchak Kendra

Namskar, you are looking forward for Brahmin Kolhapur Groom/ Kolhapur Bride then Panchratna Vivah is the best Marriage Bureau in Kolhapur. But how to register in this marriage bureau? obviously this question may raise in your mind but don’t worry. Here we give some simple steps for registration process so you can easily register in this marriage bureau. So Let’s see,

  Step1:  Website Search On Google

  • Enter Panchratn Vivah on address bar or Google search box after click enter you get results. In result You see first name “Panchratn Vivah- Kolhapur” click on this name.
  • After clicking you will be on “”
  • Another way you can directly enter “” on google search box or address bar you will be on home page of panchratn vivah website.

Step 2: Fill Registration Form

  On home page you will see highlighted Sign Up tab, after clicking on sign up tab you will get Registration Form screen.

  1) Select prefix i.e. Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.

  2) Enter Name, Middle Name, Surname.

  3) Select Gender, Profile Created by, Your Date of Birth.

  4) Select Referenced by i.e. how you get information about us?

  5) Select Marital Status

  6) Enter Active Email ID and Active Mobile No.

  7) Select caste and enter sub caste.

  8) Select Mother tongue, Height.

  9) Enter New Password, Confirmed Password and About Us. i.e. Introduce Yourself Briefly.

 After completion click on submit button.

Step 3: Get Matrimony Id.

   After clicking submit button you will get registration completion screen.

   1) Here you will get your Matrimonial ID.

   2) Click on Continue Profile Button.

Step 4:  Fill Horoscope Details.

   After clicking “Continue Profile Button” then you will be on Horoscope Details Form.

    1) Select Your Rashi, Nakshatra, Gotra.

    2) Select Manglik i.e. yes, no, somya, kadak, etc.

    3) Select Charan, Nadi and Gan.

    4) Select Horoscope Match i.e. you prefer horoscope match of groom’s and bride’s.

    5) Enter Place of Birth and Select Time of your Birth i.e. in hours, minutes and seconds.

Click On Continue Button and After you will get “Make Horoscope” screen it is optional. If you know your kudali chart, then select position of your planet in your kundali then you will get the horoscope chart. Else you can skip this one.

Step 5: Fill Contact Details.

  After clicking Continue you will be on Contact Details. Here Permanent Address, Temporary Address, Country, State and District are mandatory fields means you must fill these fields.

       1) Enter Your Permanent Address and Temporary Address.

       2) Select Country, State, District and City.

       3) Enter Village name and Pin code number.

       4) Enter STD code, Mobile Number or Alternate Mobile No.

        5) Select Resident Status i.e. Citizen, Student Visa, etc.

 After completion Click On Continue Button.

Step 6: Fill Education Details.

       After clicking Continue you will be on Education Details. Here Education and Employed In fields are mandatory.

         1) Select Your Education and Education details.

         2) Select Your Occupation and Occupation details.

         3) Give information about Monthly Income.

         4) Select Employed In i.e. where are you working? Like MNC, private sector, etc.

After completion Click On Continue Button.

Step 7: Fill Physical Details.

      After clicking Continue you will be on Physical Details. Here only Blood Group is mandatory field.

               1) Select Your Weight, Blood Group, Complexion, Body Type, Spectacles, Diet.

                2) Select Smoke, Drink i.e. yes, no, occasionally.

                3) Select Physically Disability. This is autofill if you select yes option then appears other option.

After completion Click On Continue Button.

Step 8: Fill Hobbies Details.

      Here you can select your hobbies and interest. After completion Click On Continue Button.

Step 9: Fill Family Details.

       After clicking Continue you will be on Family Details. Here Father Name and Mother Name are mandatory fields.

           1) Enter some information about your family.

           2) Select Family Values, Family Type, Family Status.

           3) Enter Family Origin, Family Village and Relatives Information with surname and city.

           4) Select No. of Brother, No. of sister, No. of Bother’s Married, No. of Sister Married.

          5) Enter Father’s Name and Occupation and select Alive/Not option.

          6) Enter Mother’s Name and Occupation and select Alive/Not option.

   After completion Click On Continue Button.

 Step 10: Fill Partner Preference Details.

    After clicking Continue you will be on Partner Preference Details.

       1) Select Looking For

       2) Enter Your Partner Expectation

       3) Select Age Range and Height Range.

       4) Select Complexion, Caste, Education, Resident Status, Country, State, Occupation, Mother tongue.

       5) Select Branch State and Branch Name.

     After completion Click On Continue Button.

Step 11: Upload Your Photo

         After clicking Continue you will be on Upload Your Photo. Select photo and upload your photo. After click on continue button.

Step 12: Your profile is under review.

      After clicking Continue you will be on Registration success screen. Here Registration Process completed they suggest wait for your profile approval by admin after profile approval you can access all feature of site.

Hope this blog will help for your complete registration and you will get your life partner here. Thank You…!

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