Top 7 Mehendi design for Kolhapur Bride

Nowadays Mehendi ceremony is important ritual in wedding rituals and every bride take hard work for searching best mehandi designer for mehendi. So today I suggest you some mehendi design ideas which will easy to choose best for you. Mehndi is not only beautiful, it has great cultural, sentimental and social importance. Let’s see some mehandi design.

1)  Indian Mehendi Designs:

This design represents our culture so We don’t want to be biased but it cannot be denied that the charm of this beautiful style is incomparable. most of the Kolhapur bride likes Indian mehandi design. Indian mehndi designs feature beautiful art inspired by earth, nature and emotions.

2) Arabic Mehendi Designs:

This is famous mehendi design we all know this mehendi type. Like the name suggests this type has its origins in the Arab world. This mehndi design is vastly different than its Indian counterpart.  Arabic mehendi designs which are more spread out, largely feature cashew patterns and a lot of shading. Kolhapur bride will like this mehendi design.

3) Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs:

These fusion mehndi designs are a showcase of the best of Indian and Arabic designs. Indo Arabic mehndi designs for hands often feature a pairing of Indian floral patterns and birds with Arabic cashew and shading.

4) Western Mehandi Designs:

Mehandi is an exotic piece of admiration for the western world, a medium of creativity even. This fascination for the desi mehndi has resulted in the birth of Henna tattoos in the west.

5) Indo Western Mehendi Designs:

The Indo western mehndi design is a mixture of the east and west. This style of mehndi like the western mehndi is usually just worn as a style statement and is far from what traditional mehendi designs are like.  This mehendi design is quite spaced out and features modern patterns along with traditional Indian designs.

6) Moroccan Mehndi Designs:

This type of mehendi design is inspired by traditional tribal symbols and patterns. Moroccan mehndi designs look a lot like western tribal tattoo art because of their zig-zag lines, geometric curves and quirky aesthetics. Diamond shapes in particular are a prominent feature. Kolhapur bride will like this unique design.

So hope this blog useful for you to choose mehendi design and help to get more information about it. Thank you…!!

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