Traditional Jewellery ideas for Kolhapur Bride

Every Girl has dream about wedding day look and specially Maharashtrian Bride usually preferred traditional look which is classy and traditional. A visit to the panchartna vivah suchak Kendra and you will not to fail to notice the Kolhapur bride profiles photographs, dressed I classic sarees, and the jewellery adding to her already dazzling personality.  main thing is for this traditional look you have to need to choose traditional jewellery. so today, I share some information about this traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

1. Nath

Nath is also knows as nose pin in English. Traditional Maharashtrian Nath is different from another nose pins that are worn Indian religious different such as Punjab, Up and etc. Maharashtrian Nath comes from variety of designs and style. The famous ones are: Banu Nath, Peshwai Nath, Pachu Nath, etc.

2. Thushi

Thushi is a choker style neckpiece woven with the gold beads very closely. It comes with adjustable dori so you can adjust it according to your neck. It looks teamed with paithani saare. Each bead is adorned with intricate shapes and designs and has jowar gold seeds in it which indicates that the bride’s new home will always be blessed with food.

3. Mohan Mala

Mohan Mala consist of round gold beads. It gives a subtle sophistication to the overall look of a Kolhapur bride.

4. Ambada

Ambada is a golden pin adorned with pearls and gemstones. It is pinned on the hair bun of bride. The most popular motif used in traditional jewellery piece is the sunflower with jowar beads.

5. Kudya

These are the pearl studded earrings adorned by a Kolhapur bride. This beautiful ornament is mainly worn in Maharashtrian and north Indian women. There is lots of fancy design available now.

6. Vaaki

Vaaki is an armband or baajuband. Embellished with stones and adorned with floral motifs. Mostly made in red color, Vaaki makes for a must-have Maharashtrian jewellery style for Kolhapur bride. A Traditional design is in flat studded with stunning stones in middle.

7. Kaan/Earcuffs

This is a traditional ear cuff adorned by Kolhapur is studded with pearls /gemstones. This is one of wonderful style of Maharashtrian jewellery that is not only worn by North Indian as well as south Indian women.

8. Kolhapuri Saaj

 Kolhapuri Saaj is one of the most famous styles of Maharashtrian jewellery. This is a necklace that contains 21 engraved leaves. Out of the 21 leaves pendants represents lord Vishnu,2 pendants have ruby and emerald stones, 8 pendants signify ashtamangal and one pedant is taviz.

9. Lakshmi Haar

Lakshmi Haar is also known as coin necklace. The coin is decorated with intricate craving of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

10. Choker Moti Haar

Tikada set is a traditional pearl choker style necklace set crafted from pearls. tikada set may have one middle pendent.

11. Putali Haar

It has a few round gold coins held together on a silk braided cord. It is also known as coin necklace or temple necklace. The coins are embellished with motifs of Goddess Lakshmi.

12. Challa (waist Keychain)

 The challa is made of gold-plated or oxidized silver. Embossed with stones and Floral, a traditional Maharashtrian challa is worn by the Kolhapur bride on festive wedding.

13. Tanmani

 A tanmani is a layered pearl choker necklace that consist of pearl strands and a stone studded pendant. This is also most popular jewellary in Maharashtra.

14. Jodavi

  Jodavi is a silver toe ring. It is given to the bride by the mother-in-laws and symbolism the bride’s entry into a new household. It is must have Marathi jewellery piece for a Kolhapur bride.

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