Wedding Day Rituals of Brahmin Vadhuvar

We see prewedding rituals in previous article. Now we want to discuss here about wedding day rituals which happens in Brahmin with Brahmin vadhuvar. Wedding Rituals or vidhi are very important thing in wedding. Because they believe through this rituals Brahmin Vadhuvar got blessings of God which helps to lived their happy married life.


On wedding day, groom’s marriage women go to bride to celebrate tailfal ceremony. They give green saari with five fruits as auti bharan. 

Devak Basvane:

First ceremony on wedding day is devak basavane. This ritual happens independently on Bride and Groom side. Devak means Protection. In punywahwachan rituals, bride parent’s and bride sit to east direction and Same happens on groom side also. This ceremony means worship of Kuldevait deity and take blessing of god.

Gaurihar Puja:

The setting up of Muhurta patra to measure time heralds the beginning of the actual ceremony? the auspicious moment of the marriage. Trickling of water drop by drop counts the seconds while the bride draped in a traditional yellow or green saree and half-moon painted on her forehead (for luck), worships Goddess Shankar Parvati, Annapurna and balkrush who is supreme of marital bliss. The bride continues praying to the Goddess till the moment she is called to the mandap. Bride’s maternal uncle come at this gaurihara puja for marriage then bride go to mandap with him.


Once the auspicious time approaches the bride is escorted to the mandap by her maternal uncle. at that place kept two wooden plank in east-west direction. Both the bride and the groom should see each other before the wedding and antarpat ceremony (where a silk partition is placed between the couple) takes place. After chanting of mantras the antarpat is removed. This is followed by elders showering akshata over the couple.

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According to Hindu tradition kanyadaan, vivahhom and saptapadi are important rituals in wedding. This ritual happens first. Kanyaadan is considered the most important ritual, where the father of the bride gives away his daughter to the groom with his blessings. In turn, the groom promises to love and cherish her forever.

Mangal sutra Bandhan:

After kanyadan happens mani magalsutra ceremony, in this ceremony bride and groom sit to front of east direction, then groom side marriage lady apply kumkum on bride’s forehead and give saari, blouse piece and mani mangalsutra. After bride wear this saari for next rituals. After this groom tie this mangal sutra in bride’s neck. After this bride wear all jewellery which given by in-laws.


Kunku is a symbol of Saubhagya and an important thing in worship vidhi. In this rituals, groom apply kunku on bride’s forehead. KumKum is the Sanskrit word Kunku is the Marathi word. Kunku means keshar.

 Vivah hom and Lajahom :

After Mangalsutra bandhan , this ritual happens .basically Five deity of vivahhom. By this ritual invite these deity. After vivah hom, starts laja hom in this ritual, invite three deity. In this hom ,throw lahya in hom so this hom is called lajahom. For this ritual bride and groom sit on wooden plank and fire hom, decorate kalash with water.west side of hom keep “pata and varvanta” and keep Northeast parade of lahya. In north direction keep seven mass of rice.after groom keep samidha in hand and doing all vidhi.


Agnipradakshina is part of vivahhom. In this ritual, Groom and bride take round of fire. For this hom groom and bride sit on vivahvedi and kalash with water and decorate flower. This agnipradakshina vidhi happens three time. This is very important vidhi because after this ceremony actual groom bride are husband and wife of each other.

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The bride and the groom exchange garlands and go around the sacred fire seven times (Saat pheras or Saptapadi).

Zal Dharane:

In this ritual, fire diva of wheat powder and turmeric in big wooden basket. Its call zal then priest chanting   mantra and bride parent and groom parents, his uncle, etc. keep on head of elder person form groom side person and tell them from today our daughter is your responsibility take care of her.

Above these rituals all ritual happens in Brahmin vadhuvar on wedding day. Hope you get all information related rituals of Brahmin wedding. Thank you…!!!

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